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  • Argan Hand Oil - Un-lotion


      100% Pure Organic Argan Hand Oil – The “Un-lotion”

     If you were to remove all of the chemicals from a bottle of lotion, you would be left, essentially with just 2 ingredients: oil and water. The reason lotion has all those chemicals is to preserve it, keep the product clog-free and pump-ready”. That way it can stay perfectly stable in that bottle for years. The very process of stabilizing, emulsifying or keeping the pump free-flowing – actually make it more difficult for your skin to absorb. That’s why we are frequently left with that sticky, “lotion” feeling. The lotion seems to feel as if it is just sitting on the surface of your skin……likely - because it is. So, remove the chemicals and go back to basics with the Ray of Soap “Un-lotion” Hand Oil. All it takes is 1-2 drops of pure, organic Moroccan Argan oil on moist hands.  Without the chemicals to “muck” things up your hands will have a natural, soft and supple feeling. Never sticky. Never greasy.  For this reason the Hand Oil has been a unique success with the guys, too. The easy-to-use eyedropper-style bottle delivers the precise, tiny amount for regular use. Use one drop per finger on moistened cuticles before bedtime for a cuticle treatment that will last days. The “Un-lotion” Pure Organic Argan Hand Oil was first introduced in a mild, barely-scented, “Original” scent.  It has just a whisper of the  unisex fragrance called Pharaoh. The success of the Hand Oil has led to the creation of 5 more fragrance blends and unscented: Ascended Lavender, Angel, Orange & Cranberry, Honeydew & Cucumber, Havana, and Unscented.  Use the drop down menu to make your selections.  Lose the chemicals……lose the lotions……get back to basics……it’s time.

    Storage  & Use for  Hand Oils

    Each .5 ounce eye-dropper bottle has enough oil to last 4-6 weeks with daily use. The applicator top is perfect for a quick application after washing your hands or a  touch-up when you’re on the go.  The bottle is small enough to tuck in your purse or pocket so that it is always convenient.   The oil should be used within 3 months of first use or refrigerate those not in use if you buy a few at the same time.  Remember: these are pure organic oils.  There are NO preservatives.


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    Rev. 07/30/2016