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  • Holiday Single Bar 10-Pak Special

    $115.00 $65.00
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    Holiday Savings - Special 10 - Pak of Singles

    This one is priced right to cover all of those - "Just a little something" moments.  A perfect co-worker, teacher, neighbor, hairdresser or hostess gift.  You can't have too many - you know you will need them, and it's not like you can't use the 1 or 2 "leftovers".  An assortment of citrus, fruits and classics - 1 in a guy's suede bag.  All elegantly, individually wrapped.  Clear or gold print bag, decorated with a sprig of pine garland, mini ornament and hand tied burlap or fabric bow. 10 gifts for $60 bucks - ships for free with USPS, typically 2-3 business days.