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  • Organic Coconut Oil ~ After Shower & After Bath Oil


     Organic After Shower & Bath Coconut Oils 

     The Basics…..

    If you were to remove all the chemicals, stabilizers, emulsifiers,  and  preservatives from a bottle of lotion - you would be left with basically 2 ingredients: oil and water.   A number of years ago the chemical load got even worse because most lotions started coming with a pump.   We like pumps - they're so  convenient.  However, the very chemicals that  keep the pump free-flowing and the lotions from breaking down in the bottle, or keep the ingredients from separating from each other , may be responsible for skin irritations that are commonly mistaken for “dry” skin or “chicken bumps”.  Another drawback to the chemical stabilizers and preservatives is that they keep the lotion’s components from breaking down so that your skin can  absorb them.  That's why you are left with a heavy, sticky feeling after using a lotion.  It feels like the lotion is sitting on top of your skin  -  likely - because IT IS.  Ray of Soap's Organic After Shower/bath Oils  and Argan Hand Oils are designed to replace your sticky, irritating, chemical-based lotions with simple, pure, natural oil.  All you have to do is provide the water.  Easy.  See my YouTube Video for more information or forward it to a friend.  Remember:  Lose the chemicals…..lose the lotions...... get back to basics……it’s time.

    These oils come in a 2-fluid ounce shaker top dispenser bottle  - perfect for the shower or the new 6.67 bottle with pump for summer use and disc top for winter use.  There are 7 fragrance blends: Angel, Ascended Lavender, Honeydew & Cucumber, Organic Honey & Lemon, Orange & Cranberry, Zephyr, Sacred Sandalwood or Unscented. Use the drop-down menu to make your selections.  The Ray of Soap Skin Rejuvenation Bath Kit in the perfect way to complete your skin care needs with a matching cleansing-bar and exfoliating gloves.  

     Storage & Use  for Organic Coconut After Shower & Bath Oils……

    Each 2-fluid ounce bottle lasts most people about a month.  The shaker-top bottle easily dispenses just the right amount of liquid oil.   During the cooler months, if this pure coconut oil gets below 74 degrees, it will solidify.  Simply use your warm shower or bath water to warm the bottle while you bathe.  Place in a cup or under the flow of water to liquefy a small amount of oil for use.  For application - always step out of the shower or bath and stand on a sturdy mat.  Do NOT DRY OFF.  Leave the water on your skin.   Shake about a nickel-sized amount of oil into the palm of your hand.  Rub that oil between you two hands and then lightly pat over  your body where ever you would normally apply lotion.  Now go back and rub the oil into your wet skin.  Continue to massage the oil and  water into skin until  air-dry - just as you would with a lotion.  It is important to never, NEVER unscrew the bottle cap,  pour excess oil  back or take oil out.  Contaminants or water will be introduced to the oil, aging  it prematurely.   These oils come to you in a pure,  preservative-free state.  They will spoil, eventually, just like a fine oil in your kitchen collection - there are NO preservatives. That's the point.  Use it in 2-3 months after first use.  Refrigerate extra oils not in use extra daily.  It's a great way to extend their life.  Unopened oils will last approximately one year  when refrigerated.
      Rev. 12/03/2017

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