Ray of Soap & Rockin' Ocotillo lose the chemicals..... lose the detergents....... restore your skin.....with Rockin' Ocotillo & ROS
  • Rockin' Ocotillo Bath Basics

    Rockin' Ocotillo Skin Rejuvenation Bath Basics

    cThe best additive is NO additive.  The goal with Ray of  Soap and Rockin’ Ocotillo is to provide the simplest organic skincare products that nourish and rejuvenate skin by removing all the extra chemicals junk that actually irritates the skin.  All cleansers and oils are made with food grade emollients and oils.  Get back to basics – never put anything on your body you wouldn’t put IN your body.


    The Rockin’ Ocotillo Bath Basics

    Each Rockin’ Ocotillo Bath Basics set comes with one glycerine cleansing bar, one organic after shower/bath oil, exfoliating gloves and a soap-saver shower bag. From the drop-down chose your glycerine cleansing bar blend and then choose your organic after shower oil. Available in organic coconut or  organic argan/apricot blend.


    The nitty gritty back story

    Thick lather produced by detergents is great for stripping the oil from greasy dishes, but skin never needs harsh detergents – ever.  The chemicals and skin-stripping detergents from mass-produced lotions and soaps are frequently the  underlying cause of irritations that many people mistake for “dry skin” or the dreaded “chicken bumps”.  Return your skin to its natural state of perfection with the Rockin' Ocotillo Monsoon Moisture cleanser and after shower oil.  First, you get back to basics with  an ultra-gentle, low-detergent cleansing-bar for daily use.  Each Ray of Soap cleansing-bar is infused with organic oils, butters and other skin-nourishing emollients such as aloe or honey.  You will find that a rich, non-stripping cleanse is exactly what your skin needs to begin the repair and rejuvenation process.  Next, in the routine is After Shower/bath Organic Coconut Oil or Argan/Apricot blend.  Use in place of those chemical-potions and lotions.   A basic, plant-based, chemical-free oil, applied to your wet skin is the naturally perfect way to seal moisture in.  A plant-based oil is more easily absorbed. Using Ray of Soap’s Organic After Shower/Bath oils your skin will feel lighter, softer and more supple – you’ll never have that heavy, sticky lotion feeling.  The final element in your skin rejuvenation process is weekly exfoliation with  the Ray of Soap exfoliating gloves.  Gentle exfoliation is critical to remove thick dead skin cells and reveal the fresh soft skin beneath.  Without chemical irritants and harsh detergents your skin will return to a baby-soft potential you didn’t know it had.


    Storage & Use: Ray of Soap’s cleansing-bars are made with the simplest ingredients possible. That means they’re more fragile than a mass-produced soap.  Without hardeners, mold releasers and stabilizers, these bars breakdown for use more easily - therefore it is easy to use too much.  How much is the right amount?  Just enough to make your skin slippery.  If you lather up and find yourself covered in bubbles, you’re simply wasting your cleansing-bar.  Keep you bar in a Soap-Saver bag, as provided.  This will help you to use less and extend the life of your soap by keeping it “High & Dry”.   Use all products with 2-3 months of first use.  To extend the life of oils refrigerate if not in use daily. Never unscrew oil's shaker-top. It will introduce bacteria and moisture againg the oils prematurely.  Unopened, refrigerated oils will last up to approximately 1 year.  Use cleansers within approximately 6 months from date of purchase. Glycerine soaps without additives will amber with time.  This is normal.


    The Soap-Saver Bag

    A bag is provided with each package of cleansing-bars to help protect and make it more convenient to use. Hang the bag as far from the splash zone as possible. The bag not only keeps your soap “High & Dry”, which is essential to the longevity of the soap, but it teaches you to use much less than you might of a mass-produced, sudsy, detergent soap.  Use just enough soap to make your skin a little slippery and then rinse in warm water.  Never use hot water. Never use so much soap that you make a thick lather. Your skin will respond with renewed softness and your soap will last 4-6 weeks.


    Rev. 11/18/2021

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