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  • Rockin' Ocotillo Holiday Bandana Wrap

    $26.00 $22.00

    Rockin' Ocotillo Holiday Bandana Wrap 

    26 bucks will Rock the holidays with superior skin repair -  Rockin' Ocotillo's newest addition, Cactus Balm.  Monsoon Moisture Cactus Balm is a rich skin balm is the center piece of the world famous Bandana Wrap Holiday package.  This year's sampling features 2 products that rely on the Monsoonal moisture combined with the night's magic gift of restoration.  Cactus Balm and Night Bloom Lip Cure. These  special products come with 1 MONGO 6.4 ounce handmade cleansing bar, and the all-important exfoliating glove.  The goal is "back to basics" with a bounty of ingredients straight from nature, not the chemistry lab.   Each set is perfectly wrapped in your choice of red or white bandana, with a holiday bow and decorations complete with a rustic tag, ready to give.   The set includes:

          - 1  new super large, "Mongo" cleansing  bar (various blends) , 6.4+ ounces

          - 1 eight oz bottle of Rockin' Ocotillo Monsoon Moisture Cactus Balm

          - 1 tube of Night Bloom Lip Cure

          - 1 pair of exfoliating gloves