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Rockin' Ocotillo Holiday Bandana Wrap

$26.00 $22.00

Rockin' Ocotillo 2020 Bandana Wrap - Available soon.....

Winter temperatures in the desert mean super-duper cold, dry air.  The Rockin' Ocotillo has ya covered.  A perfect sampling of 3 favorite, handmade, skin-transforming products and the all-important exfoliating glove.  The goal is "back to basics" with a bounty of ingredients straight from nature, not the chemistry lab.   Each set is perfectly wrapped in your choice of red or white bandana, with a holiday bow and decoration. The set includes:

      - 1 bar of Orange & Cranberry , 4.5+ ounces

      - 1 two oz bottle of Sunrise Orange Triple Blend Oil

      - 1 two oz bottle of Sunrise Orange Rockin' Ocotillo Monsoon Serum

      - 1 pair of exfoliating gloves 

Product Descriptions: Orange and Cranberry cleansing-bar is infused with organic avocado and apricot oils added while the soap is cooling to enhance the level of skin nourishing protection far beyond anything that comes off the shelf. It is then lightly scented with invigorating orange essential oil and ribbons of ground cranberry seeds with added cranberry yuzu fragrance oils.

Sunrise Orange Triple Blend Oil: A mega-rich blend of organic botanical oils argan oil, coconut oil and apricot oil of 1/3 each.  This blend delivers protection to your skin in a huge range of molecular absorbtion potentials. Unlike mineral oil that sits on the surface of your skin, botanical oils can be absorbed by your skin as if they were food....well because they are!   Use on wet skin after a shower or bath.  Just a small amount of oil on wet skin will dry and seal in place of lotion - afterall - that's all lotion really is - but with a ton of chemicals.  Take out the chemicals and what your skin flourish.  No more "chicken bumps", just exceptional soft skin. 2 fluid ounces

Rockin' Ocotillo Monsoon Serum: Hydration with the blessing of simple apple peptides.  A unique humectant delivered in an aloe vera gel base with just a hint of organic apricot oil.  The apple extract holds moisture on a molecular level.  That super soft, just-out-of-the-shower feeling lasts for hours. 2 fluid ounces.

Exfoliating Bath Gloves: Weekly exfoliation is critical to soft and healthy skin.  Dead dry skin build-up robs the oil meant to protect your fresh, new skin.  Once you exfoliate and immediately protect and feed your skin with botanical oils, you will begin to enjoy virgin skin without the common chemical and preservative irritations known as "chicken bumps".

Soap-Saver Bag: Each set includes an elegant lace soap bag to hang in your bath or shower.  Proper storage of fine cleansing bars is essential.  These are fragile cleansing-bars because all of the stabilizers and hardeners of mass-produced soaps are gone.  All the chemicals may prolong the life of the soap in a wet shower - but they can cause skin irritations.  Place the soap in bag, hang then use soap directly in lace bag.  After use it is ready to hang and dry.

Cleanse, exfoliate, protect and moisturize.  The absolute best in winter skinware!