Ray of Soap & Rockin' Ocotillo lose the chemicals..... lose the detergents....... restore your skin.....with Rockin' Ocotillo & ROS
  • 1-Bar Fabric Bag ~ All Blends

    one bar bag single bag 1bar bag 1-bar 1 bar  bag single bar bag

    The 1-Bar Fabric Bag

    An elegant presentation, that is sure to impress.  The single-bar comes in a silky, fragrance-coordinating bag. Other options from the drop-down menu include fabric suede, which is great for the guys,  or black & white damask.  Choose your blend from the "fragrance" drop down - available in Angel, Ascended Lavender, Orange & Cranberry, Honeydew & Cucumber, Organic Honey & Lemon, Zephyr, Havana, Almond & Pumice Hand & Body Bar or Unscented.  Each bar comes with its own Soap Sling to protect and dry the soaps when in use. The set makes a great gift.  For more options and quantities see also: 2-Bar Beaded Bag, Mix & Match (Cello-wrapped) or Pre-Pak 3-Pak (3 of the same - all one wrapper). 

    The Cleansing Bar Collections……………

    A cleansing-bar is different from “soap” because it has a low detergent content.  All Ray of Soap “Soaps” are actually cleansing-bars. Mass-produced soaps and even liquid cleansers are full of detergents and chemicals. Many of these chemicals and detergents are actually responsible for skin irritations that are frequently mistaken for “dry skin”, like those awful “chicken bumps”.  Heavy detergents and their bubbles are great for turning greasy dishes squeaky clean, but should never be used on your skin - ever. Our skin’s natural oils are essential for healthy, balanced skin. Not only should we avoid frequent showers, with hot water and detergents, but most of us can benefit from a touch of added oil to protect and seal every skin cell and that’s where Ray of Soap products substantially differ from other products on the market.  Each collection’s cleansing-bars are not only a different fragrance, but they’re also an entirely different combination of oils and emollients. The apricot oil blends which include Angel, Orange & Cranberry, and Honeydew & Cucumber, seem to agree best with oily and normal complexions and skin types. The coconut oil blends which include Ascended Lavender and Organic Honey & Lemon are a great starting point for dryer skin types and complexions. Give a few blends a try.  The Variety-Pak or Mix & Match option are a great way to try several blends at once. Your skin will let you know which is right for here, there or everywhere.  Most importantly, none of the Ray of Soap blends will ever leave your skin tight or chalky.  The bars are available in 1-Bar Fabric bags or 2-Bar Beaded Bags.  Both are an elegant gift or a special treat for yourself.  Bargain options for stocking-up are the either the Mix & Match Paks of individual cello-wrapped bars or the Pre-Pak 3-Pak - all 3 bars of the same soap in one cellophane bag.  Add a 2-fluid ounce bottle of scented organic coconut oil and gloves and you have a Skin Rejuvenation Bath Kit.  All soap packages come with a Soap Sling to protect your soap, help you use less and to keep your soap “high & dry”. Full bars average a minimum 4.5 ounces.  Half-sized bars are available in the Variety-Pak. Click on the fragrance  or product name for a more detailed description.

    The Soap Sling………….

    A Soap Sling is provided with each package of cleansing-bars to help protect the soap and make it more convenient to use. The Soap Sling, not only keeps your soap “High & Dry”, which is essential to the longevity of the soap, but it teaches you to use much less than you might of a mass-produced, sudsy, detergent soap.  Use just enough soap to make your skin a little slippery and then rinse in warm water.  Never use hot water. Never use so much soap that you make a thick lather. Your skin will respond with renewed softness and your soap will last 4-6 weeks. 

    Soap Sling Directions – Unfold the long piece of mesh provided with your Ray of Soap product.  This is your Soap Sling. Tie the Soap Sling in a long loop with a knot at the very top to tie on a shower curtain rod or hang from a hook.  Unwrap your soap and place in the bottom – the sling portion of the Soap Sling.  Now hang the Soap Sling and soap in your shower in the driest area possible.  It is essential that your soap stays “High & Dry” – which means out of the wet zone and out of the splash-back zone of a shower caddy.  This is now where your soap will live – there is no need to ever remove it from the Soap Sling.  Just a few rubs with wet hands over the hanging bar will deliver the proper amount of soap from your entire upper body.  Repeat once or twice for a little more to finish the job.  That’s it.  A little Ray of Soap Cleansing-bar goes a long way. You need just enough to make your skin slippery – never lathery. 

    A 3M “Command” type adhesive hook works great if there is a need for the optimum placement of your Soap Sling. See the YouTube video for Soap Sling details.


    Rev. 08/01/16