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The Zephyr Collection



 Massive winds have blown the shifting sands of Egypt for centuries.  As the wind calms, warm, gentle breezes lightly touch the massive dunes decorating them with spectacular, shimmering ripples. This is a zephyr. The Elements Zephyr fragrance was first introduced in the Men’s “Elements Variety-Pak”.   The Wind Element “Zephyr” became so popular, the Zephyr Fragrance Collection, was born. This soft and exotic Egyptian musk and mica themed collection will appeal to men and women, alike.  The Zephyr collection cleansing-bars are available in 1-Bar, 2-Bar, or 3-Bar and Mix & Match 3-Pak options. There are plenty of gift-giving options – the fabric bags for the 1-Bar and 2-Bar options are available in suede fabric - a popular option for the guys or silky 1-Bar and 2-Bar beaded bags. The Zephyr scented Organic After Shower/bath oils are available in original organic coconut or the new Argan/Apricot (75%/25%) blend, which always stays in a liquid state. Both organic oils have a touch of mineral mica and come in the shower-ready, 2-fluid ounce shaker bottle. The Skin Rejuvenation Bath Kit combines 1 coconut oil, 1 cleansing-bar and exfoliating gloves.  A Soap Sling is always included in each soap package to protect your Ray of Soap cleansing-bar while in use and keep it "High & Dry".   N E W  to the Zephyr Collection is the Reed Fragrance Diffuser. For more detailed information on separate products click on the “product page” link.


For the guys, also check the Elements Variety-Pak (see Men's Variety-Pak Assortment).