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  • The Angel Collection


    The Angel Collection


    The Fragrance…….

    Angel fragrance blend is the one that started it all.  It is a one-of-a-kind scent that is adored by all.   A uniquely soft sandalwood base with vanilla, crisp floral and then light fruit notes.  Always fresh, clean and bright.  Products available in the Angel Collection are: the original cleansing-bar soaps with aloe and apricot oil make a gentle cleanser that balance oily or dry faces and bodies.  Also act as the perfect scalp conditioner for an after shampoo scalp conditioner.

    The Product Collection……………

    Cleansing-bar options - A cleansing-bar is different from “soap”, because it has a low detergent content.  All Ray of Soap “Soaps” are actually cleansing-bars.  Because of their gentle nature they are safe to use anywhere on your body – including your face and scalp. The Angel apricot oil cleansing-bar is a favorite product to this day.  The gentle cleansing action of a low-detergent cleanser with apricot oil works wonders on the face, body and even works as a scalp conditioner.  It never leaves your skin tight or chalky – never clogs pores and never leaves your skin sticky or oily.  The bars are available in  beautiful gift bags 1-Bar Fabric bag or 2-Bar Beaded Bag or the best way to stock up, the value 3-Pak.   Bars average a generous 4.5 ounces.

    Angel Scented Argan Oil Blend- If you were to remove all of the chemicals and water from a bottle of hand lotion, you would be left with just 2 ingredients: oil and water.  The chemicals in the lotion not only increase your daily chemical load, but may be responsible for skin irritations that are commonly mistaken for “dry” skin.  So, lose the chemicals……lose the lotions.  Our special blend of 75% organic argan oil and 25% organic apricot kernel oil is used on your wet skin after shower.  Available in 6.67 fl oz pump bottle.

    The Cleansing Bar Ingredients…………….

    Organic apricot kernel oil is added to a pure vegetable glycerin along with a touch of aloe.  The mixture is stirred until it cools which allows the ingredients to stay blended without the use of chemical emulsifiers.  At the last minute the Angel fragrance blend is added to protect the fragrance from the heat.

    Rev. 07/19/2022