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    The Unscented Collection List

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    Unscented Ray of Soap Cleanser Bars - vegetable glycerin cleansing-bars available in 3-bar packaging options. Bars average a minimum of 4.5 ounces

    Activated Charcoal Body Bar ** (Scented with Almond Extract) An exfoliating bar loaded with pumice and activated charcoal for a deep, smooth clean

     Rockin' Ocotillo Monsoon Moisture Cactus Balm - A rich, concentrated hand, face and body balm - available unscented   

     Night Repair Deep Facial Monsoon Moisturizer - unscented

    After Shower Oil - Rockin' Ocotillo Prickly Pear Blend - unscented

    Sulfate Free Shampoo- available unscented Monsoon-Poo Hair Cleanser 

    Black Velvet - activated charcoal facial cleanser, purifier and mask is a  1.25 ounce bar.  Enough approximately 12 mask treatments

    Honey Glow Facial Cleanser – Pure vegetable glycerin cleanser with organic apricot kernel oil, organic honey and aloe

    Night Bloom Lip Cure - Organic ingredients blended with a natural moisture magnet - 3 pak also available


    A Word About Scents & Fragrances…..

    Fragrance is always optional at Ray of Soap & Rockin' Ocotillo.  Whether we’re talking about fragrances or scents, natural or synthetic, the sensitivities that can arise from any additives are nothing to sneeze at……so to speak.  The bottom line is: natural, plant-based oils and cleansers come from nature with a slight “fragrance”.  Ray of Soap doesn’t add anything else to the “Unscented”  also known as "Fragrance Free" products.  The fresh, pure organic oils are imbued by nature with a light fragrance, scent/ odor /fragrance.  Low detergent cleansers and glycerin based bars also have a mild scent that is naturally occurring to the product, nothing is added. All you will smell after use is clean, fresh skin.  All of the Ray of Soap  & Rockin' Ocotillo products and fragrances are also phthalate free. No products have added emulsifying agents, preservatives or stabilizers. They’re simple, basic and as straight from nature as possible. Below is a list of products that have no added fragrances or ** indicates those using a food-quality extract.  Click on the product's name links for more details.  A new browser page will open so that you will be easily returned to this page for convenience. 

    Rev 07/19/2022

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