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  • The Unscented Collection

    The Unscented Collection

     A Word About Scents & Fragrances…..

    Fragrance is always optional at Ray of Soap.  Whether we’re talking about fragrances or scents, natural or synthetic, the sensitivities that can arise from any additives are nothing to sneeze at……so to speak  The bottom line is: natural, plant-based oils come from nature with a slight “fragrance”.  Ray of Soap doesn’t add anything else to the “Unscented” products.  The fresh, pure organic coconut oils and Moroccan argan kernel oils, in particular, are imbued by nature with a light fragrance, scent or odor – whichever word is used. That is all you will smell. All of the Ray of Soap products and fragrances are also phthalate free. No products have added emulsifying agents, preservatives or stabilizers. They’re simple, basic and as straight from nature as possible. Below is a list of products.  Click on the active links for more details on each product or go to the “Shop By Product” tab.

     The Unscented Collection.....

    Unscented - vegetable glycerin cleansing-bars available in 1-Bar, 2-Bar and 3-bar packaging options. Bars average a minimum of 4.5 ounces and always come with a protective Soap Sling. Also available combined with other products in the “Skin Rejuvenation Bath Kit” and “Daily Routine – Essentials for Everyday”.

    Organic Coconut Oil - After Shower/bath oil – it’s pure, organic, food-grade oil. That’s all. It’s packaged in a handy, plastic, shower-ready 2-fluid ounce shaker bottle. Made to apply to wet skin in place of lotions.

    Organic Argan/Apricot (75%/25%) - After Shower/bath Oil Blend- it’s pure, organic, food-grade oil. That’s all. It’s packaged in a handy, plastic, shower-ready 2-fluid ounce shaker bottle.

    Unscented 100% Pure Organic Argan Hand Oil – the “Un-lotion” – Genius packaging in a .5-fluid ounce eye dropper bottle for perfect application and sized right to tuck in your purse or in your pocket for all-day touch-ups.

    Black Velvet - activated charcoal facial cleanser, purifier and mask is a  1.25 ounce bar.  Enough approximately 12 mask treatments.

    Honey Glow Facial Cleanser – Pure vegetable glycerin cleanser with organic apricot kernel oil, organic honey and aloe.

    Unscented Skin Rejuvenation Bath Kit – Cleansing-bar, organic coconut oil and exfoliating gloves.

    Daily Routine – Essentials for Everyday – 1 half-sized bar Unscented cleansing-bar, a 2-fluid ounce shaker bottle of Unscented Organic Apricot Oil - for make-up removal and moisturizing, Black Velvet - the activated charcoal exfoliant, pore purifier and mask and “Boost” Moisture Magnet - apple extract extreme humectant.

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