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  • The Orange & Cranberry Collection


    The Orange & Cranberry Collection

    Exotic citrus fragrance of Japanese yuzu is blended with cranberry and "Valencia Orange" essential oil.  Ribbons of pulverized cranberry seeds float in the avocado and apricot oil infused glycerin base.  This cleansing bar is rich, fragrant and soothing. The cranberry seeds send an extra level of nutrients and anti-oxidants along with an added, gentle exfoliating action. This is not your basic orange, there is an amazing twist.  Cleansing-bar options are: 1-bar, 2-bar, 3-bar  packages. The  cleansing bars average a generous 4.5 ounces. 

    Scented Argan Oil Blend- If you were to remove all of the chemicals and water from a bottle of hand lotion, you would be left with just 2 ingredients: oil and water.  The chemicals in the lotion not only increase your daily chemical load, but may be responsible for skin irritations that are commonly mistaken for “dry” skin.  So, lose the chemicals……lose the lotions.  Our special blend of 75% organic argan oil and 25% organic apricot kernel oil is used on your wet skin after shower.  Available in 6.67 fl oz pump bottle.

    Rev. 07/19/2022

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