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  • The Orange & Cranberry Collection


    The Orange & Cranberry Collection

    Exotic citrus fragrance of Japanese yuzu is blended with cranberry and "Valencia Orange" essential oil.  Ribbons of pulverized cranberry seeds float in the avocado and apricot oil infused glycerin base.  This cleansing bar is rich, fragrant and soothing. The cranberry seeds send an extra level of nutrients and anti-oxidants along with an added, gentle exfoliating action. This is not your basic orange, there is an amazing twist.  It is now the newest addition to the Ray of Soap permanent collection.  Available in 11 different product options, including the Ray of Soap Variety-Pak in the a signature beaded bag.  Other cleansing-bar options are: 1-bar, 2-bar, 3-bar or Mix & Match packages. The  cleansing bars average a generous 4.5 ounces and come with a Soap Sling to protect the soap from excess moisture in the shower…. keep it “high & dry”.  The Skin Rejuvenation  Bath Kit  combines 4 favorites: the cleansing bar and a 2-fluid ounce bottle of Orange & Cranberry scented Organic After Shower/bath Coconut Oil a pair of exfoliating shower gloves and the exclusive Soap Sling.  Other oils available in the Orange  & Cranberry Collection are the Organic Argan/Apricot Blend  packaged in a 2-fluid ounce shaker bottle or the 100% Pure Organic Argan Hand Oil.  This pocket-sized,  .5-fluid ounce oil is packed in the handy eyedropper-style bottle for precise 1-2 drop delivery on the go. The newest addition to the collection is the Reed Fragrance Diffuser.  For more detailed information click on the product links or visit each the “Shop by Product” page.

    Rev. 07/29/2016

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