Ray of Soap & Rockin' Ocotillo lose the chemicals..... lose the detergents....... restore your skin.....with Rockin' Ocotillo & ROS
  • Pre-Pak 3-Pak - B E S T B U Y

    Pre-Pak 3-Pak -  B E S T   B U Y 

    The Pre-Pak 3-Pak single blend is the perfect way to stock up on your favorites in bulk.  Because there is no need for separate inner-packages, the savings get passed on to you.  Each package of 3 Exquisite Ray of Soap cleansing-bars is a minimum of 13.5 ounces  and comes with a optional Exfoliating Gloves & Soap-Saver Shower Bag  to protect your soap and keep it “High & Dry”.  Choose your selections from the drop-down menu. Add exfoliating gloves  and bag for 3 bucks from the dropdown -  the perfect addition for your most perfect skin.  


    The Cleansing Bar Collections……………

    A cleansing-bar is different from “soap” because it has a low detergent content.  All Ray of Soap “Soaps” are actually cleansing-bars. Mass-produced soaps and even liquid cleansers are full of detergents and chemicals. Many of these chemicals and detergents are actually responsible for skin irritations that are frequently mistaken for “dry skin”, like those awful “chicken bumps”.  Heavy detergents and their bubbles are great for turning greasy dishes squeaky clean, but should never be used on your skin - ever. Our skin’s natural oils are essential for healthy, balanced skin. Not only should we avoid frequent showers, with hot water and detergents, but most of us can benefit from a touch of added oil to protect and seal every skin cell and that’s where Ray of Soap products substantially differ from other products on the market.  Each collection’s cleansing-bars are not only a different fragrance, but they’re also an entirely different combination of oils and emollients. The apricot oil blends which include Angel, Orange & Cranberry, and Honeydew & Cucumber, seem to agree best with oily and normal complexions and skin types. The coconut oil blends which include Ascended Lavender and Organic Honey & Lemon are a great starting point for dryer skin types and complexions. 


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    Rev 07/19/2022