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  • Honey Glow Facial Cleanser - 3 Pak


    Honey Glow Facial Cleanser

    A fan favorite in Ray of Soap’s Product line is the Honey Glow Facial Cleanser.  A  daily-use facial cleanser made from one of Nature’s most perfect inventions: Honey. The benefits of delicious, fragrant, nutritious honey have been sought after from the beginning of civilization.  Use in food, medicines and beauty products always creates a buzz….well, you know.   Honey Glow Facial Cleanser is similar to the beloved Angel and Unscented Soaps, from Ray of Soap. It starts with pure vegetable glycerin, apricot kernel oil, aloe and then a ton of organic honey - so much honey that it barely keeps its shape when first cut.  The Honey not only gives this unique cleanser a magnificent aroma, but honey is actually a micro-exfoliant.  The sugar molecules, in fully liquefied  honey, don't seem grainy but actually are, on a microscopic level.  This super-fine “micro-exfoliant”, combined with the nutrients of organic honey, soothing properties of aloe and the balancing seal of apricot kernel oil make this cleanser a wonderful way to start your day. Your skin will feel unusually soft and your make-up will glide on.  Perfect for daily use or for a special treatment after too much sun.  Reap the benefits from the wisdom of centuries and brilliance of bees with a perfect cleanser from one of Nature’s perfect foods.  Each bar is 1.25 ounces, now available in a 3-Pak.


    Rev 07/19/2022