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  • The Ascended Lavender Collection


    The Ascended Lavender Collection

    The Fragrance……

    Lavender has always been a core fragrance in any collection. Ray of Soap’s Ascended Lavender, is just that… lavender ascended and taken to a new level.  It is a very soft, yet complex lavender blend.  For starters, chamomile, vanilla, and white tea soften the typical lavender camphor while highlighting the sweet floral notes this is where the lavender truly “ascends” into something divine. The rich, powdery-soft personality of this fragrance turns everyone into a fan  - even the non-lavender fans will often comment that this is the only lavender fragrance they have ever enjoyed.  

    The Bar……

    A cleansing-bar is different from “soap” because it has a low detergent content.  All Ray of Soap “Soaps” are actually cleansing-bars. The Ascended Lavender Blend has the highest oil content of the Ray of Soap Blends.  The organic coconut and palm oils are a richer blend of oils that seal your skin along with penetrating it. A wonderful treatment for the driest elbows and knees includes a gentle exfoliation, weekly. The bars are available in  1-Bar Fabric bag , 2-Bar Beaded Bag  or 3-Pak.  Bars average a generous 4.5 ounces.


     The Ingredients…………….

    Organic apricot  kernel oil and rich organic palm oil are added to a pure vegetable glycerin along with a touch of aloe.  The mixture is stirred until it cools which allows the ingredients to stay blended without the use of chemical emulsifiers.  At the last minute, the Ascended Lavender fragrance blend is added to protect the fragrance from the heat.


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    Rev. 07/19/2022