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  • The Ascended Lavender Collection


    The Ascended Lavender Collection

    The Fragrance……

    Lavender has always been a core fragrance in any collection. Ray of Soap’s Ascended Lavender, is just that… lavender ascended and taken to a new level.  It is a very soft, yet complex lavender blend.  For starters, chamomile, vanilla, and white tea soften the typical lavender camphor while highlighting the sweet floral notes this is where the lavender truly “ascends” into something divine. The rich, powdery-soft personality of this fragrance turns everyone into a fan  - even the non-lavender fans will often comment that this is the only lavender fragrance they have ever enjoyed.  Ascended Lavender is one of the permanent blends at Ray of Soap. It is available in a large variety of products to enjoy multiple ways, throughout the day.  Current offerings include: Rich, low-detergent, vegetable glycerin cleansing-bars, the scented oils: Organic Coconut Oil for After Shower/bath, Organic Argan Hand Oil, Organic Argan/Apricot Blend, Skin Rejuvenation Bath Kits and Reed Fragrance Diffuser

     The Product Collection……………

    Cleansing-bar options - A cleansing-bar is different from “soap” because it has a low detergent content.  All Ray of Soap “Soaps” are actually cleansing-bars. The Ascended Lavender Blend has the highest oil content of the Ray of Soap Blends.  The organic coconut and palm oils are a richer blend of oils that seal your skin along with penetrating it. A wonderful treatment for the driest elbows and knees includes a gentle exfoliation, weekly. The bars are available in  1-Bar Fabric bag or 2-Bar Beaded Bag.  Both are an elegant treat as a gift for someone or a special treat for yourself.  Bargain options for stocking-up are the  Mix & Match Paks of individually cello-wrapped bars or the best bargain is the Pre-Pak 3-Pak – all 3 bars of the same soap in one cellophane bag.  The Variety-Pak has 5-half bars – including Ascended Lavender.  Add a 2-fluid ounce bottle of scented oil and gloves and you have a Skin Rejuvenation Bath Kit.  All soap packages come with a Soap Sling to protect and dry your soap. Bars average a generous 4.5 ounces.

    Ascended Lavender Scented Oils

    If you were to remove all of the chemicals and water from a bottle of hand lotion, you would be left with just 2 ingredients: oil and water.  The chemicals in the lotion not only increase your daily chemical load but may be responsible for skin irritations that are commonly mistaken for “dry” skin.  So, lose the chemicals……lose the lotions.  Use these oils on your wet skin after shower or damp skin for touch-ups.  Apply 1-2 drop of Argan Hand Oil or a nickel-sized amount of After Shower/bath oil to your wet skin.  Rub into your skin along with the water until air dry – just as you would with lotion.  There are no lotion chemicals, so there is never a sticky lotion feeling.  Enjoy these oils in 3 ways, either 2-ounce After Shower/bath Organic Coconut Oil 2-ounce After Shower/bath Argan/Apricot Organic Oil Blend or the .5-ounce 100% Pure Organic Argan Hand Oil – the “un-lotion”.

     Reed Fragrance Diffuser

    The newest addition to the collection is the Ascended Lavender Reed Fragrance Diffuser for all day, anywhere fragrance for home or office.  See the options in the “drop down” menu or click on the links for greater detail. 

      The Ingredients…………….

    Organic apricot oil is added to a pure vegetable glycerin along with a touch of aloe.  The mixture is stirred until it cools which allows the ingredients to stay blended without the use of chemical emulsifiers.  At the last minute, the Ascended Lavender fragrance blend is added to protect the fragrance from the heat.

     The Soap Sling………….

     A Soap Sling is provided with each package of cleansing-bars to help protect the soap and make it easier to use properly. The Soap Sling, not only keeps your soap “High & Dry” which is essential to the longevity of the soap, but it teaches you to use much less than you might use with a mass-produced, sudsy, detergent soap.  Your skin is not a greasy pot that needs to be stripped of all oils for the proper cleanse. In fact, it is quite the opposite.  Your skin doesn’t really care if the skin cell gets dirty because it just grows a new one and replaces it. As an organism, the oils and ph balance are essential. When you strip the skin by using harsh, bubbly detergents it dramatically imbalances the “organism” and you wind up with an irritation – that is sometimes mistaken for “dry” skin.   Use just enough soap to make your skin a little slippery and then rinse in warm water.  Never use hot water. Never use so much soap that you make a thick lather. Never use detergents. Your skin will respond immediately.


    Soap Sling Directions – Unfold the long piece of mesh provided with your Ray of Soap product.  This is your Soap Sling. Tie the Soap Sling in a long loop with a knot at the top. Place it in your shower in the driest area possible.  It is essential that your soap stays “High & Dry” – which means out of the wet zone and out of the splash-back zone of the caddy.  A 3M “Command” style adhesive hook works great if there is a need for the optimum placement of your Soap Sling. See the YouTube video or Soap Sling details.

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