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Black Velvet Facial Cleanser & Mask


Black Velvet - Activated Charcoal 

Facial Cleanser & Mask.........

 Activated charcoal is an incredible gift from nature. It comes with unique properties for purifying, cleansing and polishing.  It works as a purifier by attracting material to it on a molecular level. These very properties make it an ever-present component in both air and drinking-water filters. Think of the static cling generated in your dryer – activated charcoal works in a similar fashion to magnetically attract impurities from your skin.  As a polish, the a/c granules are so fine they feel like velvet but have the ability to exfoliate on a molecular level. This gentle, micro-exfoliation, is unique to activated charcoal. You won’t feel the gentle exfoliation process until you rinse.  The dual-use potential of this product gives you the flexibility to use it as a straight cleanser and micro-polishing exfoliant or leave it on your skin for 10-20 minutes as a mask for a deeper clean. It’s your choice. Always finish your routine with a light, pure, organic oil on your wet skin – “just a drop or two will do”.  If you’re looking for an all-in-one set of unscented, back-to-nature products, The Daily Routine Everyday Essentials has the perfect assortment to complete your weekly skin care needs.  This beautiful, an all-in-one bag of Daily Essentials contains one bar of Black Velvet, one Unscented cleansing-bar for daily use, one 2-fluid ounce bottle of pure, organic apricot kernel oil and one .5 ounce dropper-bottle of Boost Moisture Magnet Serum.  Try Black Velvet with a complete, synergistic assortment of Daily Routine Everyday Essentials or purchase as a single bar.  Either way, it comes in a generous 1.25 ounce bar, enough 30 purifying washes or 8 -10 mask treatments.  Suggested use for most skin types is once a week. However you incorporate Black Velvet into your skin care routine, remember: activated charcoal is an amazing, velvety, gift from nature that has been used for centuries but overlooked for decades. 

The Ingredients…….

Nothing fancy, just the basics – pure, vegetable glycerin base, a touch of 100% pure organic apricot kernel oil and activated charcoal. That’s all. No added fragrance or color.activated charcoal organic activated charcoal activated charcoal face cleanser activated charcoal facial cleanser activated charcoal soap activated charcoal face soap activated charcoal facial soap activated charcoal face mask organic activated charcoal facial mask organic activated charcoal skin purifier remove impurities from your skin with activated charcoal organic skin care unscented activated charcoal cleanser unscented charcoal purifier face cleanser mask


Rev 07/31/2016