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  • The Havana Collection

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    The  H a v a n a   Collection

    Havana fragrance is a woodsy, exotic, addicting blend.  Imagine freshly cut cedar with a hint of aromatic herbs such as sage, bay, and basil. Simple. Refreshing.  One of the newest Ray of Soap blends, it was designed especially for men who don't like "perfumey" fragrances.  Men love it, but the surprise was that women who like botanical or aromatic herb fragrances love this one, as well. The activated charcoal ribbons aren't just there to "look pretty" -  the charcoal is hard at work.  Its unique properties deodorize, purify and also act as a mild exfoliant. The a/c ribbons are suspended in a vegetable glycerin base with soothing apricot and coconut oils for a purifying and invigorating cleanse. Each bar is packaged in suede fabric or sheer fabric bags of 1 or 2,  in individual cello-wrapped bars as part of a Mix & Match 3-pak or the super discounted Pre-Pak 3-Pak – your choice. All soaps average a  minimum of 4.5 ounces and come with a Soap Sling to help keep your soap “high & dry”. Other Havana offerings include the favorite cure for dry hands, the "Un-Lotion" - Pure Organic Argan Hand Oil.  Each Havana scented Argan Oil comes in a convenient .5 oz eyedropper-style bottle for the perfect 1 drop-at-a-time delivery system.  It is the simplest way to take Havana Organic Argan Hand Oil along where ever you go.  Just 1 -2 drops on damp, warm hands leaves  them soft and supple.  No hand lotion chemicals - means no sticky, greasy hand lotion residue.  The Reed Fragrance Diffuser is a new addition to the Ray of Soap product line.  It is a welcome departure from the standard spectrum of room fragrance products.  


    Rev. 07/29/2016