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Monsoon Moisture Argan Oil Blend


Rockin Ocotillo Monsoon Moisture Argan Oil Blend

Step-up your skincare with the perfect aftershower oil blend - 75% Organic Argan Oil and 25% Organic Apricot Oil.  Each of the oils are comprised of different components, so together they bring the best of the best together in one blend. Always use after shower on slightly wet skin - never on dry skin. Just a quarter-sized portion of Monsoon Oil onto wet skin is enough for the entire body. When the oil and water blend together on warm skin, droplets of water work into the warm, "activated" skin.  This is what enhances the skin's ability to absorb the oil and seal the skin and it's the secret to soft, non-greasy, skin.  Available unscented or scented. Choose from the dropdown.