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Night Bloom Lip Cure


Rockin Ocotillo Night Bloom Lip Cure


Life in the desert sun is harsh.  That’s why some the most important jobs in desert life take place during the night, like the blooms of the night blooming Ceres. It is among the most beautiful and coveted blooms in the desert. These delicate blossoms can only appear for a short time. Their work and their purpose must be accomplished before the sun awakens.  The human body saves the most serious repairs for overnight, as well. That’s why Night Bloom Lip Cure is designed especially for night use. It melts at body temperature, so it absorbs as needed then seals the skin.  The result is a rich, silky smooth, amazing lip cure.  It is so light you will be tempted to use it all day. Just be careful never to store it above 98 degrees – that is where it starts to melt.  There are no preservatives or stabilizers.  Just pure, simple ingredients blended without any extra colors, flavors or hardeners.  Just a special blend of bees wax, shea and cocoa butter, argan, coconut and apricot oils and the miracle  moisture magnet "humectant": apple peptide extract.


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