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  • The Organic Honey & Lemon Collection


    The Organic Honey & Lemon Collection

    This collection started with a simple bar of lemon glycerin soap, food-grade organic coconut oil, and high-quality, organic honey.   Some kind of magic soap alchemy occurred and Ray of Soap’s Organic Honey & Lemon cleansing-bars were born. Customers often comment that fragrance reminds them of a lemon bar. You can be sure this one will always be a welcome gift -  after all, who doesn't like honey and lemon? As for skincare …. both honey and coconut oil are wonderful emollients that have been used for centuries  to soothe burns or irritations and all kinds of skin discomforts on all skin types.  The fragrances of the honey and coconut oil impart distinct fragrances and have been difficult to recreate for use in argan oil and fragrance diffusers.  For that reason, only the Cleansing-bar and Organic Coconut Oil products are available in this collection.  As always, the Cleansing-bars come in different packaging options and a Soap Sling will always be provided with each package.  It is important to keep this fragile, simple soap "High & Dry" in the shower or bath - so we give you a Soap Sling to make it easier.  This way you'll get the most out of your soap and that's important to us,  too!  For detailed product information see: 1-Bar Fabric bag, 2-Bar Beaded Bag, Skin Rejuvenation Bath Kit and Organic Coconut Oil After Shower/bath pages .

     Rev. 08/03/2016

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