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  • Soap Sling™ and Soap Tips


    Soap Sling™

    With each cleansing-bar purchase, you will receive a "Soap Sling™ ".  

    The Soap Sling………….

    A Soap Sling is provided with each package of cleansing-bars to help protect the soap and make it more convenient to use. The Soap Sling, not only keeps your soap “High & Dry” which is essential to the longevity of the soap, but it teaches you to use much less than you might of a mass-produced, sudsy, detergent soap.  Your skin is not a greasy pot that needs to be stripped of all oils for the proper cleanse. In fact, it is quite the opposite.  Your skin doesn’t really care if a skin cell gets dirty because it just grows a new one and replaces it. A brilliant system – but as an entire organism, the oils and ph balance are essential.  When you strip the skin by using harsh, bubbly detergents it dramatically imbalances the skin as an “organism”.  This is when you wind up with an irritation – that is sometimes mistaken for “dry” skin.   Use just enough soap to make your skin a little slippery and then rinse in warm water.  Never use hot water. Never use so much soap that you make a thick lather. Your skin will respond with renewed softness.

    Soap Sling Directions – Unfold the long piece of mesh provided with your Ray of Soap product.  This is your Soap Sling. Tie the Soap Sling in a long loop with a knot at the very top to tie on a shower curtain rod or hand from a hook.  Unwrap your soap and place in the bottom – the sling portion of the Soap Sling.  Now hang the Soap Sling and soap in your shower in the driest area possible.  It is essential that your soap stays “High & Dry” – which means out of the wet zone and out of the splash-back zone of the caddy.  This is now where your soap will live – there is no need to ever remove it from the Soap Sling.  Just a few rubs with wet hands over the hanging bar will deliver the proper amount of soap from your entire upper body.  Repeat for a little more to finish the job.  That’s it.  A little goes a long way. You need just enough to make your skin slippery – never lathery

     A 3M “Command” style adhesive hook works great if there is a need for the optimum placement of your Soap Sling. 

    Here's the link to a youtube video to help you out just in case it didn't load above.



    Rev. 08/01/2016